1.7l Dome Glass Electric Kettle with Led Belt
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1.7l Dome Glass Electric Kettle with Led Belt

Model: YK-G08
1. SAFETY AUTO SHUT-OFF SYSTEM & BOIL-DRY PROTECTION: The Electric kettles feature double overheat protection functions. The hot water kettle electric will turn itself off automatically after boiling to protect the kettle from overheating and boil-dry situations. Our electric tea kettle is safer than other traditional kettles. You don’t have to worry about walking away and forgetting it on the stove.
2. SAFE AND REASSURANCE: This hot water kettle electric has an automatic shut-off and anti-dry boil protection, as soon as the water has come to a certain extent, rapid boil, the kettle automatically turns itself off within 10 seconds; the dry boil protection can be automatically shut off the kettle when it is not full or nearly empty, which is a great safety feature for the elderly and all users. No more standing by the stove to boil water all the time. Safe and secure.
3. FRIENDLY DESIGN& BLUE INDICATOR LIGHT: The electric kettle has a convenient one-button switch function. You just flip a switch to boil the water. Ergonomic non-slip handle is very comfortable to hold with one hand. Wide-open mouth for easy cleaning and filling. The LED light will turn on when boiling, you can see the charming blue light through the visible glass.
4. Healthy&Saftey:The tea Kettle is made of high-borosilicate glass for durability and BPA free. The inner base and lid are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. The high-quality plastic handle does not come into contact with boiling water.
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