0.8l Gooseneck Pour over Stainless Steel Kettle
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0.8l Gooseneck Pour over Stainless Steel Kettle

Model: YK-139
· Designed for Convenience:This is a convenient electric kettle for your whole family . Easy to operate, just leave the hot water kettle electric alone to deal with other affairs after pressing the button to fill water. The 1200W output power of this gooseneck electric kettle can boil a full pot in 5 minutes , faster and safer than traditional stovetops. The kettle water boiler will be off timely by safety controller when boiled, time to enjoy your fragrant coffee or tea heartedly.
· Designed for Stability:It's also a delicate pour over coffee kettle, the elegant bionic gooseneck spout provides a stable flow line, no extra drip, to ensure the stability of your production every time, extracting better aroma and flavor with stable water. With the capacity of 0.8L and ergonomic handle design, easy to lift and operate stably no matter about your gender. The capacity of our electric water kettle is just right for your party, very suitable for tea lovers or baristas.
· Designed for Durability:We strictly select materials for durability. The core component of the gooseneck electric kettle adopts the world's leading temperature controller, with a service life of more than 12,000 times, the interior of the stainless steel tea kettle electric is completely made from 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel, no longer worry about rust and scaling, ensuring the purest taste, indulge in the beauty of coffee and the layering of tea.
Designed for Safety:The electric kettle gooseneck has dry-boil protection and auto-off function, effectively protect the water heater kettle from being damaged for pressing button by mistake. The electric water boiler with almost no noise during work, won't bother anyone beside you. This is a reliable stainless steel electric kettle that will serve your family for the next decade.
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