Digital Gooseneck Kettle with Timer
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Digital Gooseneck Kettle with Timer

Model: YK-138N
· Fast Heating & Whisper Quiet Boil: 1200W electric kettle boils water in 3-4 minutes while running ultra-quietly (59dB), save waiting time and be more efficient. Ultra food grade 100% Stainless Steel Inner& lid ensures this pour over coffee kettle is rust and corrosion resistant, provide you with pure and healthy water.
· ±1℉ Accurate Temperature Control & 2 Hours Keep Warm:The Gooseneck Kettle adopts the advanced controller, precise temperature regulation, accurate to ±1℉ temperature accuracy, when the water boils, press the "±" button to set your temperature(104°F-210°F), the water temperature will keep warm at the water temperature you set for 2 hours, and then shut off automatically. Continuously press the "±" key to quickly set the temperature.
· Precise Pour : Precise Gooseneck spout is designed for the optimal pour over flow, ensure smooth and stable water flow for optimal extraction, making perfect coffee and tea, become a professional barista! The ergonomic BPA-free handle provides a better grip without the risk of burns.
· Use safety and Timing Function: Our temperature control gooseneck kettle has multiple protection, built -in NTC thermostat is performed accurately, with automatic shut-off, boiling & dry burning protection. OLED display shows the real -time temperature and set temperature of your drip coffee or tea. And coffee kettle also has a practical 5 -minute chronograph function, support free switching Celsius and Fahrenheit, to meet the needs of different people's use habits.
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