2-slice Stainless Steel Toaster with Led Display
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2-slice Stainless Steel Toaster with Led Display

Model: YK-688M
1.Digital toaster: The ultra-clear LED screen shows the countdown timer, So you can get a cup of milk or juice while toasting, or prepare another breakfast without having to wait long, giving you an efficient morning.
2.The toaster offers 6 adjustable browning levels, so you can easily select the desired toast consistency. From slightly golden brown to crispy brown, there is something for every taste.
3.COUNTDOWN YOUR COOKING: With a clear digital display and adjustable countdown timer, there’s no need to worry about overcooking your food. Simply select your setting, watch the timer, and wait for perfectly browned bagels, bread, and more!
4.3 Function Buttons: Our smart toaster has 3 function buttons, CANCEL, REHEAT, DEFROST, with a beautiful blue light to indicate the function that is in use. With the cancel button, you can interrupt the toasting process at any time, quickly heat up cold bread with the warm-up button and lightly toast frozen bread with the defrost button.
5.Easy to use and clean: Thanks to the additional lifting lever, you can lift the lever a little to keep your bread safe if your toast does not pop out high enough. This stainless steel toaster looks smooth and durable, it has a removable crumb drawer at the bottom to catch the bread crumbs, making cleaning pretty easy!
6.CORD STORAGE prevents clutter and tangles with a loose power cord. Simply wrap the power cord directly under the toaster for easy storage.
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