Extra Wide Slot 2-slice Toaster with Led Strip Lluminated
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Extra Wide Slot 2-slice Toaster with Led Strip Lluminated

Model: YK-688
· 6 SETTINGS: Allows you to decide the right degree of toasting, choosing from a lightly browned slice to a much darker, toastier one.
· EXTRA WIDE SELF-ADJUSTING DOUBLE SLOT: 3.5cm wide 2-slot toaster with self-adjusting guides, making it suitable for both waffles, muffins, bagel, etc.
· THREE FUNCTIONS: The three ideal functions for your toaster: Reheat, Defrost and Cancel. The different functions give you a perfect toast. Just press once and enjoy a delicious breakfast. The cancel feature allows you to stop the toaster while it works and get your perfect toast. The defrost function is for toasting frozen bread taken out of the refrigerator.
· ELEGANCE AND DESIGN IN YOUR KITCHEN: covered in stainless steel and LED screen, it brings elegance and modernism to your kitchen.
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